Surdyks USED to be pleasant

On a Saturday afternoon you can run many errands.  One great example is
tasting the many cheeses at Surdyks and even sample some wine. My
roommate and I did just this.

After spending an hour of doing this and hunting for two nice bottles
of wine, it was time to check out.  I was then asked for my I.D., which
I was happy to give up.  I am 31, and getting asked for identification
is getting less frequent. The worker then asked for my roommate’s I.D.
When he realized that he didn’t have his, the transaction was
cancelled and we left empty handed.  When I spoke to a manger named Rob. He informed me [rudely] that he can’t change the law and that
they can be fined. I also found out that the best thing to do is lie
about who you are shopping with, if anyone at all.

Surdyk’s tagline should be, "Drink our wine for free, but if you don’t lie to us, you can’t buy it."  

One side-note:  The wine sample worker was not asking for identification.

I will not be returning to this store ever again—and I will not be
bringing my mom there as I do dozens of times a year.  It is a shame
that the laws are as they are.  But, it is more of a shame that a store
with great products promotes lying and allows a manager to treat an [of
age] patron with rudeness.

David Lee, Columbia Heights






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