Sauced Again

Sauced is run by John Conklin, a friend of mine, and is a great
addition to the Northside. I am, however, puzzled as to why John gets a
great review
and my restaurant, Papa’s Pizza and Pasta, gets totally
ignored once again. We have been on the corner of 42nd and Thomas for three
years, and are still the best kept secret in Minneapolis. We offer East
Coast Italian American cuisine and have quite the following. However,
getting the word out that we are here is a full time job. When you
mention other restaurants in the area and not us, it sure doesn’t help.
We offer food and service that is second to none, and yet we continually
get ignored. Stop by sometime and see what we have to offer. Mr.
Iggers, you were here a couple years ago and still we don’t exist. I find
that very puzzling.

Mick Brogan, Minneapolis






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