August Moon

Mira James, heroine and amateur sleuth of the Murder by Month mystery series, returns in local author Jess Lourey’s newest work August Moon. This fourth installment of the series finds Mira about to leave adopted home Battle Lake, Minnesota for good — until a high school cheerleader is murdered. The act is soon linked to a local pastor who runs an evangelical Bible Camp that gives Mira a "Stepford Wives meets Hee Haw" vibe. But in order to catch the killer, Mira must first confront darkness in her past.

The Murder by Month series, which includes May Day and June Bug, has been praised by The Strand magazine as, "Sweet, nutty, evocative of the American Heartland, and utterly addicting." Lourey’s previous work, Knee High by the Fourth of July, was a finalist for the Left Coast Crime Lefty Award for humorous mysteries.

August Moon is on sale now from Midnight Ink Books. Once Upon a Crime is located at 604 West 26th Street in Minneapolis.






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