David Carr: The Night of the Gun

It’s a common conception that our pasts are better than we make them
out to be. Former Twin Cities Reader editor and New York Times
columnist David Carr proves that the opposite is possible in his new book which recounts his past as an addict
through journalistic investigation. As he reports his past, he realizes
that things were much worse than he made them out to be. Memories
change and become uncovered with time; the friend he believed once
pulled a gun on him reveals it was Carr who pointed the gun. His belief
that he became sober after his children were born becomes unproven.

Carr will discuss The Night of the Gun at Magers and Quinn bookstore
on Thursday, August 14th at 7:30 pm. Magers and Quinn is located at
3038 Hennepin Avenue South in Minneapolis. *The Night of the Gun* is on
sale now. For more information, visit www.nightofthegun.com.






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