Nine Inch Nails

The new Trent Reznor isn’t for everybody, including a large portion of his established fan base, who cherished the obsessive perfectionist who pushed the industrial-punk envelope with vintage stuff like Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral. But after waiting at least five years apiece to put out his first three discs, the sex symbol of brutal gloom has ripped out four or five (decide for yourself if Remix qualifies) since 2005, and two this year alone. The latest, The Slip, continue his plunge toward power-pop, albeit with plenty of angst, dreamy-doomy sound-swoops, and corrosive beats, a fabulous collection to bring into the Target Center with a full-fledged band. The quintet will include guitarist Robin Finck (back from his bit with Guns ‘n’ Roses), Beck bassist Justin Meldal-Johnson and drummer Josh Freese, who is a rhythmic blowtorch on The Slip. According to, there will be a handful of relatively obscure, also surprisingly poppy, opening acts, the best of whom is A Place To Bury Strangers, whose “To Fix The Gash In Your Head” is industrial-surf-thrash, like a Dwane Eddy/Marilyn Manson mash-up.