Party Party in a Tweety Land

Pop singles of years past are used as a springboard to study our
culture’s complex relationship with the real world. The glitz of
celebrity living is compared to the seriousness of real living in
"Party Party in a Tweety Land b/w This Republic of Suffering," an
exhibition opening at the Form + Content Gallery on August 28th.

Part of the UnConvention projects, the exhibit is co-curated by Colleen
Sheehy and Camille J. Gage. Featuring contributions from eight other
artists, the exhibit examines the tensions between what we obsess over
and what we’ve lost. There will be an opening reception on Saturday,
September 6 from 7 – 9 pm. The Form + Content Gallery is located at 210
North 2nd Street in Minneapolis. For more information, visit






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