Spill. Moves and Movies That Stain

Life isn’t a clean tablecloth. Stains are bound to happen sooner or
later, and that is what Kelly Radermacher expresses in her new
performance piece, Spill. Moves and Movies That Stain. Combining
words, dance and video, Radermacher fluidly explores the things in life
that get in the way, both big and small. Solo pieces and duets will
combine with the colorful imagery and raw emotions that will capture an
image of life that will remain turning in your mind long after the
performance is complete.

Spill. Moves and Movies That Stain
will perform at Patrick’s Cabaret
from September 19 – 21. All shows are at 8 pm. Tickets are $12 for
adults, $10 for students, seniors and children 12 and under. For
reservations, call (612) 327-7461. Patrick’s Cabaret is located at 3010
Minnehaha Avenue South in Minneapolis. For more information, visit www.patrickscabaret.org.






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