Sweeney Todd: Compare and Contrast

At last night’s opening of Sweeney Todd, at the State Theatre, I couldn’t help but make comparisons to the recent film version. This is what theatergoers do at revivals, right? They consider the present viewing experience in relation to all previous encounters with a favorite play or musical. And to be clear: Sweeney is, by […]

Jovovich-Hawk for Target

p.s. I heart these looks from the latest Go International designer, Jovovich-Hawk. These will hit Target stores on March 2 or thereabouts.    

Why It Took Me 'Til Now To Post on NY Fashion Week

1. d’Uh. I’m not even there. 2. By now, I’ve had my fill of black, gray, and wool–even though I am somewhat pleased by the, uh, "bold prints" that will purportedly appear on racks everywhere next fall. My original point being: right now I’m looking forward to spring, not fall. (2.5 A parenthetic thought: In […]

Ad Man

Not long ago, Colle+McVoy, the second-oldest ad agency in Minnesota, was thought to be a stodgy place; mostly it created ads for agricultural products, a decidedly un-sexy category. But last fall, observers got to scratching their heads when the agency won top honors at “The Show,” an annual awards ceremony from the Advertising Federation of […]

The Changing Tides of Calhoun

So, as I’m sure lots of you’ve heard, another makeover to Calhoun Square is in the works. The press release came across our desk just yesterday, along with the artist rendering above. Frankly, I can’t pretend like I care much about it today … But here’s something I do find interesting: A few months back, […]

In a Word, Slutty

A word regarding this month’s fashion feature and the related discussion: Jason DeRusha did not, in fact, call his wife slutty. He was simply being witty about the fact that 1) he is, in fact, male and 2) he therefore prefers that his beautiful wife wear form-flattering clothes. And yes, friends, in the minds of […]

Theater in Motion

In accordance with standards for staging cosmic spectacles, (however low-budget), the cast of A Gift for Planet BX63 (above photo) appeared in glittering, metallic costume. But Off-Leash Area, an inventive, burgeoning troupe based in Minneapolis, had injected its intergalactic show—think The Little Prince—with another, rather unexpected feature: zero gravity. Rendered as a six-foot cube, simply […]

Claude Wampler: What Just Happened?

There’s some interesting discussion over at the Walker blogs concerning the performance career ender that was staged, just this past weekend, by Claude Wampler. I saw the show on Friday but, sadly, didn’t stick around for the Q&A, which sounds to have been very tense. Truth be told, my date was so angry as to […]

The Royal Robes (A Retake)

  The above outfit is worn by the title character in the just-opened play, God Save Gertrude, a punk rock-meets-theater riff that was penned by a local ‘wright and is, in fact, loosely inspired by Hamlet’s mother (cuz Ophelia is played out, donchyaknow). I suspect the character, a singer, has something in common with Patti […]

Dress Up to Get Down

The directive was simple: Pick an outfit for your sweetheart to wear to a hypothetical romantic dinner-on Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion, for that matter. We proposed this to three reasonably fashionable folks, all with different ideas about what flatters the female form. Our guys-an intrepid television reporter and the owner of a women’s […]

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