An Economic Stimulus of the Mind

So, am I right on this? The government wants to send me six-hundred bucks? Well, that’s the sort of policy I can get behind, friends … But at first, when I heard the news, I thought: Now, g’on ahead and feed that to your wee, pup of an investment portfolio. But that sort of defeats […]

I Wouldn’t Care for This Health Care, No!

Get with the program, health-care providers of America, and get a clue about the prices you ascribe to your services. While you’re at it, we wouldn’t mind if you went so far as to tell us the costs upfront. Yes, yes; I know the industry if rife with corruption–er, negotiated discounts–and, in fact, the prices […]

Apologies, Promises, and News

Sorry I’ve been slow to update, but I wanted to send alert of this upcoming fashion show LATER THIS WEEK (Thursday) that’s titled, appropriately, Avoid The Grey. The show is being produced by Cliché, a fabulous Lyn-Lake area boutique. The intent, even more appropriately, is to inject some color into our beige-um-gray winter palettes, and […]

Doing Lines: When Actors Fail to Recall

Peer Gynt: It’s a fairly good Guthrie production, in my humble view–although it would’ve been smart, even merciful, of the director, had he condensed the meandering fourth and fifth acts. But what I’m more interested in discussing here is the review penned by Star Tribune critic Rohan Preston, in which he derides lead actor Mark […]

THEATER: Particularly in the Heartland

Judging by the size of last night’s audience, there should be tickets left to see Particularly in the Heartland. And if you happen to be the type who’s a little tired of our pop culture’s present mood (rampant cynicism peppered with ironic snark)–in other words, if the Colbert Report doesn’t entirely resonate, or if the […]

Hell Yes, Holly

Last week, while continuing work on the February fashion feature (coming soon), I stumbled upon this fantastic jewelry collection at Key North, a new-ish eco-retailer in Northeast Minneapolis.       The earrings, of course, are my fave – they’re made of something called African turquoise. Each of the above pieces are by Holly J., […]

Many Thanks to Moskal

Thanks to local designer George Moskal for making me feel all Lindsay Lohan-like this holiday season. He lent me one of his dresses! I wore it to a belated holiday party last Friday night; see the craftily cropped outtake below. Because, you see, even with a pretty dress on, I still can’t feel good about […]

The dress is souper!

Today, I did more sleuthing for the coming February fashion feature and uncovered this treasure: Kim Bartmann, owner of Bryant Lake Bowl and Barbette as well as a lover of all things vintage, has an original "Souper Dress" on display at her new-ish Red Stag Supper Club (see my mediocre snapshot below). This paper dress, […]

First Stop: Stephanie’s

So, yesterday I started working on the February fashion feature, for which men and women pick fashions for their sweethearts. (Check the crappily laid-out online version from last year.) First stop was Stephanie’s in Highland Park with WCCO-TV reporter Jason DeRusha, who picked out a darling dress for his darlin’ wife. That dress, however, shall […]

Danger, Danger, and Whatnot

In these cold, bristling days of the early year (when there’s no holiday in sight), it’s good to have something to anticipate … And so, in defiance of depressing January, this offering: an illustrated list of some, but not all, of the designers for this spring’s Voltage local fashion show, courtesy of Nic Marshall Photography. […]