Special 40th Anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey

In celebration of the 40 years since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Heights Theatre is showing the 1968 masterpiece, digitally remastered in 70mm, a project of Kubrick’s before his death in 1999. This historical depiction of the future raised many questions as to the existance of life and the mysteries of science and […]

Errol Morris Speaks

In his latest documentary, Standard Operating Procedure, Errol Morris is addressing questions no one has bothered to ask and finding answers no one has bothered to tell. With an Academy Award under his belt for Fog of War, Errol Morris continues to investigate and research stories that many people have undoubtedly turned away from. Standard […]

Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers

Being a mother may not be the easiest of jobs, but being the most influential person in most women’s lives has its rewards. In Kathryn Kysar’s journal Riding Shotgun: Women Write about Their Mothers, various authors, teachers, scholars, and mothers tell the heartwarming and powerful stories about the mothers who have loved and raised them. […]

Brenda Weiler

After four years, Brenda Weiler is finally at it again with her new album End The Rain. Weiler’s sultry voice and melodious guitar work come together in this collection to form songs that sing right to the heart — perhaps a result of the recent loss of her sister. During the last four years, Weiler […]

Voltage 2008: Fashion Amplified

Voltage: Fashion Amplified pumps up the volume with the blending of two art forms: music and fashion. First Avenue is showcasing local fashion gurus along the catwalk with the native Minnesota sounds of The Haves Have It, Zibra Zibra, Bella Koshka, MC/VL, White Light Riot and Birthday Suits (who also sport the fashions of the […]