A Great Big Flip

He’d been a groom before; I hated the idea of a puffy white dress. So we had a ceremony at the courthouse and left abruptly the next morning for Paris. I’d like to say it was impossibly romantic. But among the magical nighttime moments in the Louvre courtyard, there was plenty of bickering concerning the […]

Shop n' Nosh

I am WAY behind on shopping. I know I’ve been writing out gift guides for y’all, but that doesn’t mean that I’m surrounded with foodies in my real life. I have to buy Bionicles and Restoration Hardware tchotchkes like the rest of you. But I generally hate shopping. The only way I can suffer the […]

The Jewels of Nordeast

Last night I finished my week’s run of holiday parties/steak-binge with a soiree at Jax. I wore a kicky ruffled tux shirt and drank Dewar’s all night, because that’s what Jax calls for. The bartenders always put on a fine display of drinksmanship, not only do they remember your drink, but they have a freshie […]

Cookie Party

Do you have a cookie party in your future? Is there a massive plan afoot to organize friends/co-workers/relatives/cellmates for a gathering in which an inordinate amount of cookies is exchanged? I have a love/hate thing going for the cookie party. The premise is a bit appealing, bake dozens of one kind of cookie and bring […]

Love and Bacon

Last night I drank a lot of the beautiful, golden, silky liquid known as The Macallan 12. So I apologize if this isn’t my most shimmering post. A few of us had dinner at Manny’s and it was a significant event in that my BRF (best redheaded friend) was bringing her new boyfriend for us to meet. Yes, […]

Local Food Heroes

Food Heroes don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, their deeds are rather more humble. They get in the dirt when it’s still frozen or wake up before the sun to hang out with the goats. They spend their summer weekends working the markets or give up holiday time to make the most of the […]

The Very Serious Incident of the Gift Basket

It was last year when the UPS man left the box by our front door. As always, when unexpected boxes arrive, there was excitement and a flurry of dancing about the foyer. Upon quick and furious destruction of the box, we discovered a gift basket. It was a large gift basket, and once we removed […]

The Tea Lady

If you were casting the role of Tea Lady, you might choose a soft woman with a doughy nature. Maybe you’d pick a spinster who has a serious passion for bone china and a pension for plushy chairs and quiet nights by the fire. Maybe she has cats, lots of cats. Mrs. Kelly of Mrs. […]

Restaurant Hall of Fame

For the restaurant industry, this week marks the final push of the year: Sell those gift cards! Book the holiday parties! Throw open the new doors and get some butts in chairs (welcome Otho and finally Red Stag)! Last week was different. Before all the hubbub there was time for a moment of reflection. Last […]

The Feast Index

"Be not angry or sour at table; whatever may happen put on the cheeful mien for good humor makes one dish a feast." from the Shaker manual Gentle Manners.   THE FEAST INDEX Estimated number of turkeys rasied in Minnesota in 2007: 46 million Rank of Minnesota in the top six turkey producing states: 1 […]