Oh, That's Why Harvard and Carleton Are Such Crappy Schools

You know, this is just too easy. In case you missed Kersten today, the topic is "Why St. Thomas University is going to hell in a handbasket". The short answer is, (and I’m only telling you this because reading the column will just cause you to think ill of thoughtful Catholics) because they don’t have […]

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Newspaper

I made a mistake the other day and accidentally tuned in to KTLK and whatever right-wing boob they have on during the late morning. With a little checking after I got back to the office, I found his name is Dan Conry, and he has, like so many of his ilk, the IQ and eloquence […]

Carpe Latinitatem

I was walking around the office the other day and overheard one of the Rake’s ad reps telling two more reps that he’d just sold an ad contract. I opined, in passing, that his customer must be a very perspicacious sort. That, of course, brought the conversation to an abrupt halt. "What the hell does […]

Kicking the Reading Habit

The wailing and gnashing of teeth continues unabated at the Strib and other print publications these days. A report from ABC, the company that audits the circulation of the Strib and most other daily newspapers, just noted that most daily newspapers’ circulation was down again. The Strib was down over six percent. Editor Nancy Barnes […]

If you're going to insult me, cancel my subscription first

Here is the first sentence of today’s Star Tribune editorial on "Aiding Baby Boomers’ Search for Meaning": "The nation’s supernumerary baby-boomers have reached what’s being gently called "the second half of life," but the big generation is still doing what it has done since its diaper days: It’s demanding notice and altering the contours of […]

You Can't Sue City Hall

John Ashcroft, the predecessor of Alberto Gonzales and former title holder of “Craziest Attorney General since John Mitchell” has an op-ed piece in today’s NY Times. In it he argues that the telecommunication companies who provided access for the Bush administration’s illegal wiretaps should be held immune from lawsuits. As he says, “Whatever one feels […]

Redband Trailer for No Country…

I’d never seen "redband" trailers offered on a movie website before. I guess I’d just been going to too many Doris Day movies. Anyway, I was attracted to the one on No Country For Old Men‘s site. It’s the new Coen Brothers movie. Anyway, you click on the redband trailer link, and it asks you […]

Of Burrows and Bergs

I like the rodent. Gotta love the beautiful turn of phrase in a blog. Jeff Horwich over at MPR got off a good one about MinnPost‘s staff yesterday in his piece on the pending competition between MinnPost and The Daily Mole. He described them thus: "[the staff list] reads like the manifest of lifeboats from […]

We Do This Every Three Years

If you are reading this, you are at The Rake’s new web site. And you are looking at the result of a lot of work by Cristina Córdova, our web editor, Matt Bartel, our web geek, Brad Richter of Codewarp, and Erika Stenrick and Ronan Dowling of Gorton Studios. Kraig Larson of Ciceron did the […]

Stranger in a Strange Land

UrbanEye, a New York Times email newsletter, is meant to be a daily aid in deciding “what to see, eat, do and wear in New York City.” It is useful for the infrequent visitor to New York to know what he is missing when he isn’t there. Since discovering the newsletter, I’ve devoured the theater […]