What I Saw at the Food & Wine Show

The convention center was predictably packed for the Food and Wine show this weekend. I managed to skulk through the aisles and saw some good stuff: Top Bite: the Hope Creamery salted butter on a cracker. One simply beautiful, creamy bit of elegance. Thousand Hills cooked up some crazy-good grass-fed beef hotdogs and burgers. You […]

Harvest Moon

First of all, I swore that I would never move back home. I was city-bound and the suburbs could eat my dust, for all I cared. And I had a cute little house in Tangletown and lived a happy life with a 5-10 minute trip to an endless amount of food choices. Funny how life […]

Citrus Sensation

Some people have gone out of their way to make a perfectly good Fuji apple smell and taste like a grape. They call it a Grapple. There are also those who feel that plums should taste like apricots and that apricots should taste like plums, hence the booming pluot and aprium markets. Needless to say, […]

Text Your Tuna

If you’re one of those people who is annoyed by restaurant texters, thumbs madly pumping away on their phone while they ignore the others at their table, relax. They may be saving the ocean. The Blue Ocean Institute has launched FishPhone the first sustainable seafood text messaging service. Embracing technology, Blue Ocean understands where the […]

Day Off/On

Today is one of those odd holidays. Some people have the day off, others must work. Restaurants are clearly open, but school is closed. There’s no real celebration or gift-giving or feast involved, but because it’s an election year, maybe we should spend some time thinking about President’s Day. Or maybe we should buy a […]

V-Day Food Flix

Being married to the restaurant industry means that, for me, today is not that special. My entire adult life I’ve either worked the night or sat home while my sig other does. My own special tradition includes take-out and a food movie. I’m so very happy to squish into the couch with a bucket of […]

Of Ice-fishing, Lust, and BBQ

Speaking of running into ex-crushes … There I was at the DMV, getting my license renewed when I thought I recognized the guy sitting in the row behind me. Because I was thoroughly primped for my photo-op (this time I swear it’s going to be a good pic), I felt a little bit psyched that […]

Souper Tuesday

After the all the caucusing, I’m sure you’ll want to burrow into the couch with a piping hot bowl of intellegence and comfort. With each spoonful you’ll feel better, listen a little less to the talking head on the TV and a little more to your inner voice. Soup is egalitarian, soup doesn’t make snide […]

Super Crap

Here’s what some people don’t understand: you can be a food freak without being a food snob. If ever there was a testament to that, it would be the feast of SuperBowl Sunday. The issue isn’t the guacamole, it’s the cachet of the guacamole. Hot-wing away, my friend, but consider the sauce. You won’t find fois […]

Three Dozen Plus One

Today is my birthday. I’m not afraid of coming birthdays, and I don’t intend to stop the count-up. Despite all of its challenges (living with teenagers, IRS tax audit, five year old with pneumonia), through the mud and the stars, life on the whole is pretty good. So today is MY day, the one day […]