V-Day Food Flix

Being married to the restaurant industry means that, for me, today is not that special. My entire adult life I’ve either worked the night or sat home while my sig other does.

My own special tradition includes take-out and a food movie. I’m so very happy to squish into the couch with a bucket of chicken fried rice from Kindoh, a giant pork sandwich from Scotty’s or the Toto (extra goat cheese) from Punch. No, I don’t want to try new foods tonight, bring home something cutting edge from some fancy pants new chef. I’m not up for lust, I want good old reliable and satisfying loooooove.

Top Food Flicks

Big Night … can’t get enough of this brilliant movie. I think every dinner party I throw lives in the shadow of their Louis Prima fete.

Eat Drink Man Woman … I’m utterly jealous of the food that is wrought by such humble tools.

Tortilla Soup … a Latino version of Eat Drink Man Woman. Not bad.

Chocolat … Depp, duh.

Like Water for Chocolate … the book is better, but the magic is still there.

Tampopo … Japanese film in the Seven Samurai tradition, except with a ramen shop.

Soylent Green … it’s made of people!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new) … ALL HAIL TIM BURTON!

Dinner Rush … even pasta can be deadly!

Soul Food … truth will out at Sunday dinner.

Moonstruck … I like this movies because it seems like they are always eating or drinking. I crave the egg in the toast hole.






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