Helen Back for Beer & Foosball

Having a great timegoing to Helen Backfor some beer & some foosballwith the locals. Youwouldn’t believe theirselection — may behere for a while!Prosit— Author(s) and Location: Jodel & Suzey Letter Type: Red Handed

Thanks for All the Years

This is easy. I read in the Pioneer Press that your magazine is going online. So, I wanted to thank you for all these years of the print version, for including the Colleen Kruse columns, and for the coverage of books and writers.  Cheers  Author(s) and Location: Stephen Borer, St. Paul Letter Type: Letter

It's Wages, Stupid!

I’ve been watching this debate raging on my television screen over how America got into this economic mess. Am I the only person out there who understands why? It’s wages, stupid!!! Our nation’s No. 1 export is jobs, and every job that leaves drives wages down on a half dozen other jobs that don’t leave. […]

Please, Oh, Please, No!

This month I went to various locales, frantically searching for The Rake, which I could not find. It is the best publication I have seen around here for a long time. I am quite addicted to it and begin to look for it at the end of each month. A teenager told me that you […]

Red Handed in Nicaragua

Living in the small rural town of Santo Tomás, in Nicaragua, is hard, but without my Rake it would be downright unbearable. Luckily, my brother and various friends know that I love keeping up to date with Twin Cities affairs, and have enough compassion to send me The Rake every once and a while. Semana […]

Keep Them Rakes Comin'!

The people in this photo were impressed by The Rake’s depth and breadth of subject matter. Some of them are Twin Citians on vacation; two spend their time now between Tucson and Puerto Vallarta (the Rake began publishing after they left Minnesota, and they have enjoyed their copies so much they are passing them on […]

What! No Oliver?

Some years ago I was stranded at Minneapolis-St Paul airport for 24 hours on route from Portland, Oregon back to the UK.  Unfortunately, and admittedly completely unfairly — as I did not see anything of the Twin Cities themselves — I acquired a distinctly jaundiced view of the area, assaulted as I was by the […]

Desire to See an Arab Perform

Recently, I saw The Syringa Tree at the Jungle Theatre and then two days later I saw 9 Parts of Desire at the Guthrie. Both shows designed and directed by Joel Sass.  When I sat watching The Syringa Tree I forgot that Sarah Agnew was performing the text playwright/actor Pamela Gien had written to perform […]

Pawlenty as McCain's running mate?

Well. Pawlenty is a great governor in the same way that Bush is a great president. Author(s) and Location: Dave Walbridge, WSP Letter Type: Letter

The Best Jazz Club in the Midwest

While I appreciated the long-overdue article on Lowell Pickett and the Dakota ("Planet Pickett," February 2008), I did not like the implication that St. Paul jazz fans won’t cross the river. As someone who’s been attending Dakota shows since 1988, I don’t care if it is in St. Anthony, Sauk Centre, or Staggerford—it is the […]