One-Stop Guide to Development Sites in MSP

Today was the launch of MetroMSP —  a new Web site that offers companies and site selectors instant access to comprehensive and crucial marketplace information about available commercial, industrial and retail sites in the 11-county Minneapolis Saint Paul metro region. The Web site covers the anchor cities of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Bloomington, as well […]

When Harry Met Betty

One of life’s great truths—one that we desperately seek to avoid with proverbs and catechisms and even magazine articles—is that beneath its surface lies complexity. Our beloved fictions of heroes and villains crumble with scrutiny, leaving only convolution, shifting meanings, and unstable realities. The same is true of things. Even the simplest object has its […]

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Gimme Grain!

At 9:28 a.m. thirty-one grain traders are milling around a trading pit—an octagon about the size of a pontoon boat, recessed into the hardwood floor—at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. Steps are wide and lazy, chests are thrust outward. Several of the men (and they are all men) discuss the price of downtown real estate; a […]

Buffalo Ridge

I’d read plenty about Buffalo Ridge, the windiest swath of Minnesota, located in the state’s grassy and treeless southwest quadrant, before I ever got there. I’d heard stories of hats blowing off, of windburn, of tumbleweeds that just kept tumbling. People living in the area are said to suffer perpetual bad hair days. But it […]