Roadkill Bikinis

Above: I found a roadkill fashion site. Lovely. My post on the abuse of automotive icons at church camps has turned up the most amazing things. I was informed (by a source who will remain annoymous) that church camps have the strangest of hazing rites (and here you think writing about cars leads to nothing […]

God and Man in Edina.

ABOVE: This is how I prefer to see a Land Rover. Don’t believe that stuff about their ladder frames. Even the bodies break.NOTE: I have been receiving personal e-mails related to my recent Edina Mom post. What I find most enlightening about this gentleman’s well-crafted commentary is that God in Edina, it appears, remains in […]

Edina Mom. Dead or Alive.

Last year, I posted a movie on YouTube. It was a candid short film of a Mom sending her kid off to "camp" at a church in Edina. The Mom was wearing a leather Ferrari jacket while burdening her two cherubic children with care packages the size of a Marshall Plan drop. I found the […]

"Edina Mom" above Mammaries

Look, I deeply understand that trenchant matters of importance are upon us. Hillary is imploding, the silver haired wren is the latest casualty of climate change (speaking as an amateur orthonologist, it matters), sticky sidewalks in downtown Minneapolis are about to be re-introduced due to the flaccid governance of a weak Mayor system in spite […]