Getting Propositioned

While Minnesota has long touted its progressive credentials – enacting policies to help the nation’s huddling masses, deifying a well-intentioned former school teacher, and allowing the irredeemably stupid to perform police work – California has followed the teachings of its favorite son and popped a cap in the state’s aspirations to be the nation’s Leftist […]

Minnesota's Own Nero

Oil is hovering around $115 a barrel, the lowest price of gas in the Twin Cities is $3.18, foreclosures are still a-rising, and yet, in her latest column, the Star Tribune’s Katherine Kersten believes all we need to weather the storm of inflation, diminished access to credit, and skyrocketing healthcare costs is a shit-eating grin […]

Oh, That's Why Harvard and Carleton Are Such Crappy Schools

You know, this is just too easy. In case you missed Kersten today, the topic is "Why St. Thomas University is going to hell in a handbasket". The short answer is, (and I’m only telling you this because reading the column will just cause you to think ill of thoughtful Catholics) because they don’t have […]

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Newspaper

I made a mistake the other day and accidentally tuned in to KTLK and whatever right-wing boob they have on during the late morning. With a little checking after I got back to the office, I found his name is Dan Conry, and he has, like so many of his ilk, the IQ and eloquence […]

Go Down Moses

A recent intercepted email exchange between Monica Moses, executive director of product innovation at the Star Tribune, and Steve Perry, editor of City Pages, provided both a good laugh and good fodder for online discussion of “What the hell are newspapers and why are they seemingly dying?”  The exchange (posted on The Rake’s media blog) […]

Katherine Kersten: The One-Woman Solution

When the tinny tinkle of “Joy to the World, the Lord is Come” begins playing on the cell phone, everyone in range in the Star Tribune newsroom knows who’s getting a call. It is Katherine Kersten, the paper’s unapologetically religious and fiercely conservative metro columnist. Since May 2005, the Star Tribune has been engaged in […]