Love and Loss in India

Before the Rains, the first English language film by Indian director Santosh Sivan, is a surprisingly effective, accessible, and beautiful riff on familiar themes. Set in British-controlled 1930s India during a growing nationalist movement, the film is about love and self-destructive ambition in the face of a rapidly changing country. Despite the two-cultural-groups-that-just-don’t-understand-each-other formula, which […]

Leave me alone… I am trying to sleep

I used to think that when I was up at night and my hubby was snoozing, rubbing his back was a nice thing to do. Guess it’s not only not nice, but it’s annoying. All this time I thought I was being little miss affectionate, but instead… I have been waking up my partner when […]

Happy Valentine's Day — not just today, but every day!

I for one think that to have one day to tell the people you care about how much you love them is nothing more than an opportunity for stores to raise the price of flowers and chocolates to make up for the 364 other days when we don’t give our loved ones a special something […]