Ninety-nine percent of the Mahi Mahi sold in the U.S. mainland comes from South America, and it is transported on trucks in very slow 3rd world process, so by the time the Mahi reaches the U.S. mainland it has a lot of shelf life on it already and the quality is very poor. Many people […]

Sushi: The Naked Truth, part one!

It seems that not even ten years ago sushi was hardly known, or worse in smaller communities it was known as "bait." And if you asked someone if they liked sushi or if they had eaten sushi, the typical response was, "What suesheee??? Nahhh, we don’t eat our bait!" Now if you look around today […]

Extreme Naked Sushi

I got a press release the other day from Temple, Thom Pham’s Asian Fusion restaurant, announcing that on March 8, the restaurant will hold a Nyotaimori / Nantaimori event. "Nyotaimori and Nantaimori," the press release helpful explains, "are accepted traditions in Japan of serving sashimi and sushi off of the body of a woman or […]

Think You Know Sushi?

Test your sushi knowledge with this fun sushi quiz:   1) Which specialty sushi roll was invented in America?: a) the spider roll b) the rainbow roll c) the California roll   2) What gives most sushi-bar salmon that bright orange color? a) their diet of krill and plankton b) their genes c) food coloring […]

Something Fishy in Woodbury

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I drove out to Giapponese, the new sushi bar / restaurant in Woodbury. Sushi is everywhere these days, including the refrigerator cases of local supermarkets, and since the sushi restaurants all tend to get the same ingredients from the same suppliers, it has become a pretty generic […]

Sushi a la Francaise, Chinese-Style

We stopped in last night at Musashi, the new Japanese restaurant in the former Olive Garden space at 6th and Hennepin, downtown, and took a seat at the sushi bar. When I asked for omakase, the sushi chef who greeted us gave me a puzzled look. "Teppanyaki?," he asked – or something that sounded like […]