Golf Sex

On a recent sunny afternoon in Minneapolis, four fabulous looking ladies put some serious sass into the usually bland game of golf. As the young fasionistas shimmied across the grounds of the Walker Museum’s new Artist Designed Mini Golf Course, the women combined ample cleavage and golf putters to make the fantasy of millions of […]

Pavane for a Dead Sculptor

The melancholy in the eyes of the gorilla imprisoned in the zoo, I think it is real. He is confounded by the loss of his freedom. He sorrows at what his captors have evolved into. Minneapolis has two life-size bronze sculptures of gorillas by the late British artist Angus Fairhurst, who this past March committed […]

Rock the Garden

A small army of bicycles standing guard outside the Walker Art Center glints like miniature sunbursts while lines stretch like anxious snakes down the sidewalk. The sold out crowd of 7,500 brave hour long entry waits, sunburns, and sweat for Rock The Garden and a chance to see indie pop’s brightest talents. As Bon Iver […]

The Man Who Fell to Pittsburgh

I recently sat down to speak with Douglas Fogle–the curator of the 2008 Carnegie International–in his office at the Carnegie Museum of Art. It was a fine, bright spring day about one month into the run of the latest version of the great survey exhibition of international artists that was first mounted in 1896, and […]

Quid Pro Quo

Visitors to the Walker Art Center may get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a "wannabe" (people who voluntarily want to get amputations) when a First Look premiere of the new film Quid Pro Quo screens on Friday, June 6. Hailed by Variety as "strikingly original and provocative" when it premiered at the […]

Big Ideas for a Small Planet

"Going green" has almost become a fashion statement in this day and age, but finding the most effective ways to help the environment can often be tricky, and the impact we have on the world around us is often greater than we think. Throughout the summer, the Walker Art Center will present a series of […]

Cherry on a Spoon

What she didn’t understand, Miriam thought, what she really didn’t understand was this stupid cherry on a spoon. The huge sculpture sat there in its lake, its bright red cherry poised happily on the grey spoon-bowl’s ridge, a symbol of Minneapolis. What about it excited people? What, exactly, was the point? She sat on the […]

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Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes

Just as the Ash Can School turned to burgeoning cities for subject matter in the early twentieth century, suburbia has proven captivating to artists over the past few decades. But while many of them have tended to look outside city limits with a skeptical, ironic, or even condemning eye, this exhibit, organized around homes, stores, […]