Comedy of Errors

Ironically enough, while guests from France take over the Jeune Lune stage for their production of Hamlet , longtime Jeune Lune director Dominique Serrand is in residence at the Guthrie for another Shakespearean offering, one that’s never been performed at the Guthrie before. Comedy of Errors is one of the Bard’s zany coincidence-ridden farces, and for this one you’ll have to swallow perhaps one of the most improbable central conceits in the Canon—that a pair of identical twins separated at birth would both be named Antipholus, and would each have a servant named Dromio, who together form yet another pair of identical twins separated at birth. Get past that, and you’re golden. The rest falls into place from there; when the second Antipholus shows up unannounced and unaware in the first Antipholus’ town, each shows up in the wrong places at the wrong times until everyone’s hopelessly confused. It’s wacky, we tell you. Guthrie Theater, 377-2224,