Hand it to Coen + Partners for establishing this gallery as an adjunct to its offices; by doing so, this landscape architecture firm has been admirably carrying on—if not reviving—the gallery tradition within the legendary Wyman Building, featuring both local artists and guest curators. Incidental brings together a quintet of artists whose work, according to curator Michael Fallon, is “not about anything in particular, but happens to be about everything at once.” Among them are the gum-obsessed Andy Powell, whose paintings, with titles like Bubblishous and Little Big Red, include chewed-up wads that transcend grossness to look playful and even sensuous; and Alexis Kuhr, who pencils delicate patterns, evocative of eyeball, headphones, and chain-link fencing, onto oil backgrounds. 400 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612-332-5252;