postcard power!

How cute is this girl? I bet her rock band just shreds.

While gig posters might be the hot and hip way of promoting, postcards and small fliers for upcoming shows and events can also catch people’s eyes. And because of their small size, and because they’re in every bar nook, cafe cranny, and downtown gutter, they almost have to work harder creatively and aesthetically to get noticed.

But sometimes the coolest things to look at are those buried notices. Here’s two more fliers for shows that I’ve seen recently that I’ve really liked. First, a flier with a retro look for the recent Afrika Bambaataa show at Foundation with The Get Ups.


Next, a pretty sweet promo for the Hotpants Dance Night at Club Jaeger:

How’s that for an example of Minneapolis-St.Paul visual culture? If this flier were the size of an actual bus pass, you’d have a hard time telling the difference, since they kept the dominant images and nailed the font sizes.

And now with online marketing and publicity, etc., the size factor is sort of eliminated, although the effectiveness isn’t.

(images from respective myspace pages)