Diesel. Rhymes with Weasel.

…and in the same breath–the Prius, indisputably an automobile for ryhmes-with-wussies…

If only for the simple fact that buying
"green" right now is just plain dumb. And please, before you cleanse your computer screen with Mommy’s blood-decorated stole, consider these three logical points:

a) With a hybrid you are buying into
a somewhat untested technology that is merely fashionable at the moment.

b) You are buying at a ridiculous

c) If you buy a diesel you are still
polluting more than a gas engine, and your Crocs just won’t cut it at the
average truck stop where you’ll have to buy your gas (neither will your
Mercedes E320 Bluetec*.)

If unassailable intelligence fails you,
then realize by overpaying for "green" you are giving up a cool
$5000.00 (at least) that you could use for these really hot bicycles:

1) The latest iteration of the Trek Madonne series.

2) The Specialized Robauix series.

3) Anything by Cervelo’.

4) Anything by Bianchi.

If you really want to fight global
warming, then ride one of these to work.** They are available at Penn
Cycle, Erik’s, or Kenwood Cyclery, and now is the perfect time to buy 2007 close-outs.

Unless you weasel out of it.

*Valliant effort by Mercedes and I love the torque, but, as yet, unproven in the USA as they just don’t drive that far in Europe.

buy a nice gas-only econobox with some style like the Honda Fit, the
new Mistubishi Lancer Ralliart or the new SEMA Chevy HHR panel van
(cooler than the Mini Clubman and much faster, hence cooler…).