Shake Rattle and Roll: Christian Marclay

Don’t you wonder some-ti-i-i-imes… ’bout sound and vision? Sure, David Bowie goes to fashion shows and produces Modern Painters magazine, but Christian Marclay has based much of his career on the deeper connections and intersections between the aural and the visual. He’s been working in residency at the Walker for the past few months, resurrecting artworks from the Fluxus art collection for Shake Rattle and Roll (fluxmix), a multimonitor installation in which he criss-crosses media by placing the visual objects in aural contexts. The exhibit also includes some of Marclay’s older work, such as Graffiti Composition, in which he took the public scrawlings on posters he’d put up all over Berlin and translated them into sound. Look for Marclay on stage in August, when he performs with the Fog’s Andrew Broder (August 21 at the Triple Rock Social Club), and at the Walker’s Loring Park movies and music series (August 23, before a screening of The Magnificent Seven). 1021 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis; (612) 872-7494;






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