Hard to believe it’s been five years since Franklin Art Works, the little art gallery that could, added a new chapter to the life of a vaudeville theater-turned-porn multiplex. Now, of course, it’s a sleek yet simple space exhibiting work from both local and national artists, many of whom probably wouldn’t otherwise be shown in these parts. FAW celebrates this anniversary with an innovative take on a ‘best of’ show, featuring exquisite corpse drawings made by artists—including David Rathman and Mary Esch—whose work the art center has exhibited in previous years. Also on view will be Pictures of What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon’s Novel Gravity’s Rainbow, drawings by Zak Smith whose title indicates the extensive and sprawling nature of the series (pictured at left). A Yale MFA who strikes a punk pose, Smith is a fan of freneticism, psychedelia, and excess, and was one of the standouts at last spring’s Whitney Biennial. Rounding out the exhibit is a video by conceptual artist Jan Estep. 1021 Franklin Ave. E., Minneapolis; 612-872-7494;