Ballet of The Dolls' Cinderalla and The Glass Slipper

So maybe some of us do want sparkle and magic at the theater this time of year—and that’s OK! Especially if it’s done by Dolls frontman and master choreographer Myron Johnson, who playfully integrates old-fashioned ballroom dance and avant-garde compositions, giving his work an off-kilter texture. His throwback charms are well-suited for revitalizing a familiar fairy tale, and he has vowed to follow closely Cinderella’s enchanting storyline. Still, while you might not expect a cross-dressing showgirl as the Fairy Godmother, it’s hard not to be suspicious about Johnson’s intentions for the belle of the ball. And yet it is a family-friendly show, so bring the young ’uns to revel in the Dolls’ madcap dancing, screwball costuming, and offbeat tunes—spiked, no doubt, with a few surprises. 345 Washington St., St. Paul; 651-224-4222;






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