Shiraz Fireroasted Cuisine

It’s hard to find a decent Shiraz in Shiraz these days, but that doesn’t mean that the Iranians have stopped drinking. (A popular joke: “Under the Shah, we drank in public and prayed in private; now it’s the other way around.”) But you can find some very drinkable Shirazes and first-rate Persian cuisine in stylish surroundings at the new Shiraz Fire Roasted Cuisine. Many dishes are Persian versions of familiar Middle Eastern fare—hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and kabobs of beef and chicken. More adventuresome diners may want to try the gormeh sabzi, a tart stew of beef, kidney beans, and preserved lemon; or the fazenjoon, chicken and ground walnuts in a pomegranate sauce. Best bets include eggplant mirza with tomato and garlic; the chicken koubideh; the beef kabobs; skewers of coarsely ground chicken seasoned with saffron; and the bastani, Persian ice cream flavored with rosewater. Vegetarians, though, should stay away unless they want to make a meal of hummus. Entrées run $10-$14. 6042 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-861-5500.