Is Ben Tracy leaving WCCO? Good Question!

answer: yes. This is one of the least surprising announcements in local
TV circles, as Tracy’s departure was widely anticipated in the wake of
his close friend Jeff Kiernan’s departure as ‘CCO news director. It was
just a question of whether he’d follow Kiernan, or jump up to network

Here’s General Manager Susan Adams Loyd’s memo to staff (which feels more informal than the press release):

In just a few minutes, you will be getting a copy of a press release
regarding Ben Tracy, and I wanted to give you a few minutes heads-up
about some news related to him. Ben will be joining CBS News in January
as a network correspondent where he will report for the CBS Early Show
and the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and will be based out of Los

Of course we will miss Ben very much, but I hope you feel like I do
in that this is a great opportunity for him. He is an example of the
kind of talented people that work here at WCCO. I am not surprised when
other big stations and the networks call upon our folks for that next
step. He is hard worker, and the caliber of his reporting has been
recognized by our viewers over his tenure. Fortunately, because Ben
will be with CBS, they will continue to enjoy his work.


Ben has agreed to stay through the November book and into December,
his last day being December 16. Although the process has not been
initiated yet to find Ben’s replacement, we do plan at this time to
continue Good Question in some format and fashion.






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