Edina Mom or Ferrari Momma?

So, like, I use YouTube to post video in this blog. Because of this I must alert my readers (literate gearheads all) that controversy appears to be developing on YouTube over one of my videos. As shameless viewers and readers of my content that makes you all complicit (and potentially famous.)

The above video is of a Mom from Edina sending her kids off to camp. I blogged about it in August. Unbeknownst to me at the time, lots of people from Edina post on YouTube protesting rapacious development (fearing that their first ring Blaine is becoming, in effect, Blaine) among other things.

I sense that some of those same well meaning people have taken offense to my use of the term “Edina Mom.” While my video viewed apart from my blog makes no ostensible point, I still sense that I have crossed some invisible social threshold. I think what I have done is dissed the fabled suburb and made fun of a woman who MAY have little idea what her jacket stands for.

While I still run the great risk of wrongly offending a perfectly fine person with good fashion sense, allow me to make a new observation.

From years of watching “Edina Moms” (substitute your favorite area: Kenwood, Orono, North Oaks whatever) I can tell the difference between a real Momma (think Pam Grier) and other women. Mommas buy their own wheels (I met one recently who drives an M36 M3 and races it) and don’t bother much with accessories. Women who wear fancy Ferrari jackets don’t. If I had a point, that would be it.

And with my luck, I’ll find that this woman is really an automotive enthusiast who owns GT Cars trained in the martial arts like Ms. Grier (the former Ms. Quincy Jones.)






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