Gaviidae Commons: Where The Boys Are

It’s nearly impossible to find a decent men’s jacket these
days. Last weekend’s hunt yielded fashionable versions from Neiman Marcus (the
$1,200 one by Etro, for example) and comparatively affordable options from Off
(a Valentino clearanced at $600). But alas, I am not paying for what boyfriend wears to
little brother’s wedding this weekend (I bought my dress in July), so we
pressed on in a hunt for bargain-basement prices. Next stop: The new Len
Man-Boy store which was full of hoodies, sneaks, and faux-vintage tees. Also at Gaviidae:
Kuhlman, which is a fine, affordable place but not necessarily in alignment with
boyfriend’s fratboy-hippie tastes.


Funny thing is: Gaviidae ALMOST had its own haberdashery. The
concept was being spearheaded by a veteran salesman of the Dayton’s/Marshall Field’s men’s department as
well as another prominent local boutique owner. (Can you guess who?) But word
has it that Gaviidae nixed the idea—and, along with that, an already-signed
lease—once the folks at Len Druskin got sight of the store’s vendor list.






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