Local Food Heroes

Food Heroes don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, their deeds are rather more humble. They get in the dirt when it’s still frozen or wake up before the sun to hang out with the goats. They spend their summer weekends working the markets or give up holiday time to make the most of the retail flurry. They live the dream, and for a few dollars less than most of us would expect.

Edible Twin Cities, part of the national Edible Communities, celebrates local food mavens on a quarterly basis. Now they want you to nominate your favorites for their Local Food Heroes awards.

Categories for nominations are:

Best Farm/Farmer (did you get some awesome CSA form Loon Organics this year? have you heard about the good work of Gale Woods Farm? Cedar Summit? Callister Farms?)

Best Chef/Restaurant (I don’t know … Scott Pampuch is both talented and cute … there’s always the Goddess of Local … I’m still mad at JD, but still believe in him … Mr. Midwest continues to make me proud of my home … it’s a toss up.)

Best Food Artisan (Love Amy, love the shortbread … Laurie’s Golden Fig products invade my kitchen … Daddy Sam’s is surprisingly local… I know it’s cold, but I still dream of Izzy’s and Pumphouse Creamery)

Best Beverage Artisan (um … Mrs. Kelly of course … the Peace Coffee gang … Surly Surly SurlyTown Hall Brewery’s efforts to cure January with a growler of Retreating Darkness is worth gold)

Best Non-Profit Organization (It’s hard to pick one amongst Slow Food MN, Land Stewardship Project, Heartland Food Network, Minnesota Grown Program …and so many others)

Vote away!






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