What are you collecting now?

Editor Julie Caniglia Household dust
Senior Editor Brad Zellar Prostheses
Assistant Editor Christy DeSmith Anti-frizz styling products
Online Editor Cristina Córdova Half-finished stories and random video footage
Art Director Evangeline Johnson Vacation brochures
Production Manager Lisa Pahl Bits of Prescription drugs

Ann Bauer Experience
Jeremy Iggers Euros
Colleen Kruse Cat hair
Stephanie March Vintage cookbooks
Oliver Nicholson Brownie points
Britt Robson Braying pro-war quotes, 2003–05
Peter Schilling, Jr. Spiders and leaves

Copy Editor Katherine Lewis Dust
Proofreader Judy Arginteanu Loose change in the sofa cushions

Danielle Cabot Gig posters and finance charges
Christopher Hontos Motorhead CDs
Kate Leibfried Speeding tickets
Tricia Towey Rocks

Publisher Tom Bartel 1953 Bowman black and white baseball cards
Associate Publisher Kristin Henning Bumps and Bruises
Controller Cindi Barthel Antiques
Circulation Manager Joe Kvam Pieces of the puzzle

Kela Caldwell Gift bag stuffers
A.J. Kiefer Souls
Elton Langland Accolades
Valerie Rigsbee Donations toward early retirement
Lisa Van Asten Pounds (lbs.)

SALES Coordinator Mary Olson Evidence
Online Coordinator Jennifer Havrish Travel funds—donations welcome
Systems Admin/Network Guru Kristopher Wilson Miyazaki films