Fashioning a Movement

To highlight our semi-annual selection of new fashion, we turned to a population that—let’s face it, unfair as it seems—looks delightful no matter what they’re wearing. Our models are four dance students at the University of Minnesota and their choreographer (who moonlights as The Rake’s stylist); we captured them during a rehearsal at the Barbara Barker Center for Dance on the Minneapolis campus. For the occasion, they donned an array of relaxed sheaths, stretch cotton pieces, and free-flowing mesh, plus splashes of bright prints—all trends to look forward to for the warm season.

Spring Ahead

Dancers at the University of Minnesota jump-start the season by flaunting all manner of fluid, warm-weather fashions, from high-waisted shorts and rompers to flirty strapless dresses.

Luke Olson-Elm, a senior-year dance major, wears a key look for men: the shockingly bright necktie.

Shirt by Tailorbyrd,
$98.50 at Hubert White.
Tie by Robert Halbott,
$98 at Hubert White.
Pants, dancer’s own.


Perfect Balance

Our sharply dressed dancers stand in formation, from left to right:
choreographer/stylist Janine Ersfeld, Luke Olson-Elm, junior-year dance majors Julia Winkels and Yui Kanzawa, and senior-year English major/dance minor Teresa Tjepkes.

On Ersfeld:
Dress by Sweat Pea,
$106 at Karma.
Golden sash,
stylist’s own.

On Winkels:
Tube top, stylist’s own.
Shorts by House of Henry, $62 at Picky Girl.
Cross necklace by
Le Glitz, $54 at Picky Girl.

On Kanzawa:
Romper by Covet,
$160 at Picky Girl.
Canvas and leather belt by Le Glitz,
$48 at Picky Girl.
Jeweled velvet headband by Jane Tran, $36 at Karma.

On Tjepkes:
Dress by KAS Design, $69 (on clearance)
at Karma.
Turquoise necklace
by Princess Mali,
$325 at Karma.


A Bold Move

Tjepkes plays up the pink in a chic mesh top that’s plenty comfy to boot.

Shirt by Weston Wear, $98 at Karma.
Cross necklace by Le Glitz,
$54 at Picky Girl.

Flying Colors

Ersfeld pairs two of the season’s essential trends: bold, floral prints and vibrant orange.

Tube top and silk skirt, stylist’s own.
Leather belt by Bennie and Olive,
$58 at Karma.


Worn With Grace

Winkels shows off an ideal evening look for spring: a roomy silk sheath with gorgeous tailoring.

Silk dress by Kenzie,
$88 at Picky Girl.
Earrings by Jill Smith,
$32 at Karma.
Indian jeweled bangles,
$5 each at Karma.


A Strapless Number

Kanzawa models a bouncy cotton dress with all manner of lovely gathering.

Dress by Miss Me, $62 at Karma.


Rake Appeal Fashion
Spring 2008

Clothing and accessories provided by:

Karma, 841 Grand Ave., St. Paul; 651-291-1997;

Picky Girl, 1326 Grand Ave., St. Paul; 651-698-4107;

Hubert White, 747 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis; 612-339-9200;

Concept, choreography, production, and styling by Janine Ersfeld

Photography and videography by Marco Baca

Art direction by Vangie Johnson

Editorial by Christy DeSmith

Hair and makeup by Lauren Spear
(; 612-209-6534)

Thanks to Anne Parr for production assistance.

View a video of the quintet in a custom-choreographed performance designed to show off their garb.






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