Souper Tuesday

After the all the caucusing, I’m sure you’ll want to burrow into the couch with a piping hot bowl of intellegence and comfort. With each spoonful you’ll feel better, listen a little less to the talking head on the TV and a little more to your inner voice. Soup is egalitarian, soup doesn’t make snide remarks, soup is there for YOU. Saddle up, get your stock bubbling, it’s going to be a long year.

For the Hillarites, maybe a hearty chicken noodle soup, just like mom used to make.

For the Obamicans, a rich yet humble wild rice soup to take the edge off the rollicking-crazy changes life is bringing.

McCainsters might enjoy a little Algerian Jary soup which will give you much needed zing while ensuring long life and good health.

Mittmen, something with ketch-up? Or this creamy, spicy, crabby soup that tries to cover all the bases?

And for those that still heart Huckabee, how about a hunter’s stew that’s as tough as Chuck Norris.

Undecided? Eat Senate Bean Soup every day until you can make a decision.






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