Why It Took Me 'Til Now To Post on NY Fashion Week

1. d’Uh. I’m
not even there.

2. By
now, I’ve had my fill of black, gray, and wool–even though I am somewhat pleased
by the, uh, "bold prints" that will purportedly appear on racks everywhere
next fall. My original point being: right now I’m looking forward to spring,
not fall.

(2.5 A
parenthetic thought: In theory, graphic prints are fine. But have you noticed
how revolting they are in the real world–on curvy, non-coat hanger

3. While
we’re on the topic of fall ’08 top trends, let’s talk shoulder pads. Don’t
get me wrong: linebackers are sexy ‘n all (or so I hear).
However, I, myself, do not care to emulate the look since, as I recall, shoulder pads make me feel fat.

(3.5. I’m too busy scrutinizing Hillary’s wardrobe.)

4. Frankly, there’s a strong current of maternity-esque
fashions (much of which look eerily similar to that shapeless
Angelina Jolie recently wore; see the Halston
runway shots for examples). I must admit: for whatever reason (biological clock?), I’m drawn to
such free-flowing, waist-less frocks. But I–and other women like me–have taken some heat for dressing this way. Guys don’t much like it, you see. So,
I was hoping to avoid the look from hereon out. However, I do wonder if this means my beloved
babydoll will resurrect. Thank God for pregnant superstars!

5. Have
you heard about the recession? I don’t mean to be a downer; however, I do
feel recession and fashion are strongly correlated. Personally, my
consumer confidence is in nosedive. I’m terrified of
finding more fleeting fashions at which to toss my dough. For example, I covet those adorable scrunchy boots (see Jill Stuart‘s collection), but how long can
that last?