Nurses, diesels and douchiness

(Pictured. Douching device (not to size). May also be used for urea replacement in your diesel. Read below).

Do me a favor. Take the snarky tone of my blog (is it? oh, is it? please!) and put it aside for a minute. I mean create an Obama and the Preacher (aka bigot) wall between my blog and what I am about to say.

I might have been wrong about diesels.

Someone acutally convinced me last night that the new 60mpg Jetta will never be for weasels. I now think I agree.

In fact, I am not totally certain that stateside diesels will pollute the air any more than their non-diesel counterparts. I also realize you could compellingly prove that their emissions are as pure as Michelle Obama’s intentions. And I like the Mercedes Bluetec. I also like nurses, and talking to them in the hospital when I am not really sick.

Yet I continue to be dogged by the MIT alumnis (my Dad and others) who say that you really cannot completely teach an old dog new tricks. Proof of this is Audi/VW’s DSG. It was touted as better than Ferrari’s paddle-shifting 18 months ago and now it is being panned as more clunky than cool.

Even if they really have made a bijon freis hunt like a bloodhound why do you need to replace the urea in a new diesel every 10,000 miles?

Urea. Right. Sounds like piss.

Finally you can take ALL the empirical evidence in the world to show me that Diesels are 100% weasel-free and I would counter with this elegant observation:

Can you see Maserati or Ferrari in the same sentence as "diesel"?

If I must live and write in pedestrian fashion, as I frequently do, then I want a bike and a normally aspirated Benz.

This is life, I am sure, as nature intends.










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