Chicks Live on Farms

It occured to me this morning that I must update my post "Bimbos,
Himbos and Harleys" with new content and here is why:

it is true that the DelSol, the VW rabbit convertible and the Corvette
are charter members of the Bimbo & Himbo Hall of Fame, not many of
you drive these things.

Unlike the Mini-Cooper.

Which raises the question: is this a car for bimbos and/or himbos? My answer is emphatically, unfortunately, yes. But only for the second-gen "new mini" model, not the first.

BMW has detuned the second generation Cooper to fit a
demographic that is overwhelmignly female. These German Dunderheads
equate this with the "more forgiving" characteristics of a "chick car."

I for one, have always believed that chicks live on farms and
not the front seat of a Mini Cooper. That is why the women I know have
shunned the second generation model.

Come to think of it, the
only person I know who has purchased one is my Dad’s loudmouth,
Crocs-wearing and frequently swearing neighbor who seems to be going
through some kind of mid-life crisis.

In other words, a himbo.

Of the very highest order.






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