Rootclip Starts the Film, You End It

This just in:

Rootclip offers a new venue for amateur and indie filmmakers who want to take part in a joint story-telling experience.

How It Works

Rootclip provides an
initial story idea with a "root" or starter clip – one to two minutes of
compelling video that begins a story and is totally open-ended.  How the
story ultimately ends is up to the video contributors.
Contributors then submit their one-minute videos to move the story along to the
next chapter, with voting on all video submissions so the most voted upon video
is used for the next chapter.  A total of six chapters are used to
complete the story – and take that initial story idea into totally unexpected
Ultimately, Rootclip is about the user community. Contributors to YouTube,
amateur and Indie filmmakers, budding screenwriters, even actors that want to
show their stuff – all get a chance to contribute their best material to Rootclip
to add to the story. The best, one to two minute video submissions are added
over time to the original story idea until an exciting six to 12 minute film is


New creativity may open
the door to the film industry

Talent is talent.
 Each one minute video submission that becomes a chapter in the story gets
acknowledgment in the Rootclip video credits and a cash prize of $500.  

Grand Prize winner – which is determined by winning the final chapter round –
receives a trip to the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan to hobnob with Indie film producers
and creative types.  
Michael Moore, a Michigan native who needs no introduction, programs and plans this festival and will meet
with the ultimate Rootclip winner.
Where will the story end – both at Rootclip and for the most creative