Perverts Park Here

What’s in a word?

More specifically what word makes a post zoom up the popular pole faster than others? Of course, there are the easy words like "porn" and "sex." Then there are the more inventive words (for professional writers) and happy accidents (for plebians like me).

I have come across one recently. I won’t name the golden word, or perhaps the platinum-status proximity of two words. I have become superstitious about this discovery and don’t want to jinx it before I figure out how to hold Tom Bartel over a bigger barrel.

Yet I must admit it feels delicious to be popular. Or at least it felt that way until my fragile literary ego was popped by a bigger man (in so many ways) and better writer than me.

"Your post is doing well because of the perverts out there. Why else does it score so high every morning?"

He is right.

Get the headlines just right and you’ll increase traffic to your site. With an automotive blog, however, it seems that getting the traffic is far more contigent upon the headline than the vehicles it recommends for venturing into that real everyday madness you find on the street.

Then again I guess even perverts need a place to park online. Speaking of which, I think its only fair that I credit my good friend Tom for the teaser line on this post (so good I almost can’t ask for money.)

In fact, I was going to make this the headline for this post unitl my other editor informed me that Prom is now past–and the event is no longer "sticky."

That was hardly my experience in high school.

Then again my world, and my words, have long since changed.








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