Melly is actually PROUD that her TEENAGER IS A MOM

When my daughter asked if she could have a dog of her
own, Howard and I were very apprehensive. We were finally starting to
feel like we could make time for each other again, something we’ve had
very little of since we married at age 21, and had our children. The
sleeping in on the weekends, the watching TV and hanging out together
were all the little things that we thought made life so much easier and more comfortable.

As young parents of teenagers we figured that we were pretty much on
our way to having the dating life that we never had before our kids came into the picture.
Wrong, wrong and double wrong! The reality is that our son and daughter
are, and never will be far from our thoughts and hearts. There is, and
never will be, a night NOT worrying about their whereabouts and the
choices they make.

This last week was no different except in addition to being responsible for two teenagers and two dogs, we are now also responsible for this little love….

There were months of research (on our daughter’s part) that made us
convinced that this new addition to our family was meant-to-be in more
ways than we could imagine. Our new Grandson "Bruno" is teaching our
whole family once again about how important it is to be responsible and
loving toward a living creature that you bring into your home.

I could go on and on about why this story is so wonderful, but I would
rather turn it over to the two people that have filled our house with love, and helped ensure our newest family member is given security,
comfort, warmth and unconditional love – even if this little "Morkie"
puppy isn’t even 2 pounds yet!

Here are the e-mails that were exchanged between a breeder (with the
heart of gold) and our daughter who is really excited to be a Mom for
the first time:

From Sandy at Tails Wagon on June 12th


I am not sure yet which one is your boy: it is one of these 2 puppies.
They are both very nice puppies and almost the same size within 1 to 2
oz’s. The eyes and ears just opened so if the ears are standing up
right now it is because they just opened up. They don’t see or ear very
well yet. They are still nursing off mom 100%. They are starting to try
to sit and walk – very cute. Adorable boys. The coats will get fuller
as they grow over the next few weeks.



From Maddy on June 30th

Hi Sandy,

Bruno is doing great, although he is not eating very much, which
worries me. He is not crying and has been playing a little bit and
sleeping a lot.

I just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly that I have to feed
him every four hours. Last night I fed him at 5pm, then 8pm then 12am
then 4am then 9am and so on. He has been enjoying the Karo syrup and
the Nutri-cal Gel and licks cottage cheese but spit the curds out, but
that’s it. I am worried about his blood sugar because I sure do not
want him to get hypoglycemia. I have tried the scrambled eggs too and
he just licks them but spits them out too. I want him to be as healthy
as can be, but him not eating makes it quite difficult. Am I doing
everything alright? Is there any advice you could give me?

The reason I was curious was because I was reading about small puppies
like Bruno and they say to just keep food and water available at all
times and make sure they eat at least three times a day so that made me
wonder if feeding him every four hours was truly necessary.

I will send you a picture by the way as soon and I get the chance.
Thanks so much for everything! Please e-mail back as soon as possible.


From Sandy at Tails Wagon on June 30th

Hello Maddy,

If you read the information I gave you it said to leave food out for
him 24 hours a day: dry food, soft and water. Have it available at all
times just like you read, just like I told you when you picked him up
and just like all the information I gave you says.

What I mean by eating every 4 hours is to be sure he is not away from food more than 4 hours at a time. Examples below;

* like sleeping with him right now, that would make food not available
* in a crate away from food and water more than every 4 hours.
* out from the home more than 4 hours without food and water

Once he is 16 weeks old that is fine, right now he needs food frequently.

You don’t need to actually feed him yourself. It is not necessary and
should be avoided, you just need to be sure he has the food and water
available so that he can eat.

You should have him in an area at night that he can get to the canned
puppy food, dry food and water by himself. He does not need to be fed
– he eats by himself.

He should not be put in a crate without food (dry & soft) and water for more that 4 hours right now.

What I mean is don’t sleep with your puppy at this young age, he needs
food – but you don’t need to get up with him. He needs to be put in a
safe place where he has access to food (soft & dry) and water.

CAUTION: Do not give him the Karo syrup and Nutri-cal Gel unless there
is a problem. That should not be given unless he is not eating.
Nutri-cal causes diarrhea if over used; don’t use that as a food. Just
have it on hand if you need it.

Again, you don’t need to get up with him, he eats on his own: he just needs to have access to the food and water.

Soft foods can be any of the canned puppy foods on that list I sent.

As I explained when you were here: the cottage cheese, eggs, hot dogs,
etc. can be fed if he is not eating the puppy canned food and dry food.

He was eating the canned puppy food and dry food and water only here before he left.

You don’t want him to get use to being fed by you. Just be sure he has foods available and he will eat on his own.

I want to be sure you understand that I was not telling you to hand
feed him or sit with him when he eats: I just meant be sure he has
access to the food and water. You really don’t want to be feeding him

I would give him soft canned puppy foods, dry puppy food and water only.

The Puppy’s care information:

The puppy is on free fed: dry food is always available, water is
always available. Once a day I soak 1/4 cup dry food in warm water
until very soft until 16 weeks old for tiny breeds. I give the tiny
breeds powered puppy milk replacer until 16 weeks old (you can purchase
this at Walmart/Petsmart/Petco) Do not mix milk replacer with food. I
also feed about 1/4 cup of canned puppy food (See New Puppy Supply List
for brands) twice a day, be sure the canned food is puppy canned food:
the tiny breeds need puppy food (Canned & Dry).

I also give the puppies:

· Plain yogurt (NOT fat free or NOT low fat or NOT low calorie)

· Scrambled egg (1) with cheese or an over easy egg diced.

· Gerber Baby Food hot dogs (in the glass jar)

· Skinless and Boneless baked chicken cut into small pieces

· Canned Puppy Food – See New Puppy Supply list for brands

I always have available dry puppy food, water, soaked puppy food (warm
water) and one of the other items listed under "I also give the
puppies", I alternate those items. I have these foods available 24
hours a day. Put them in bowls that will not dip over (low cat dished
work great); there is puppy feeding dishes/bowls that are designed not
to tip over.

The goal is to have your puppy eating only dry food and water by 16
weeks old. The puppy should not be carried around away from food for
hours, they need to eat frequently, they must be in a safe warm place
with food items and water available 24 hours at day until at least 16
weeks old, maybe longer depending on size and weight.

Thanks, Sandy






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