The Votes Are In

For nearly a month you’ve waited to learn who the newly
crowned royalty of Minnesota
politics might be. Exhibiting saint-like patience and a knack for painting profoundly inappropriate pictures and imagery of your favorite GOP
, your votes have piled up in comments and emails,
displaying a passion
heretofore unknown for anything but basketball
in the hallowed electronic pages of The Rake. And last night, at The Liffey, at a raucous gathering of
friends, colleagues, and assorted hangers on, gift packs were doled out and the announcements were made.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to the 2008 readers’
choice (by a landslide) for Most Beautiful Man and Woman in Minnesota Politics — Peter Brickwedde and Rachel Hicks!

Thanks to all who participated and helped with the contest, especially all our nominees who performed with humor and aplomb! And for those of you who wonder why some other Capitol-based beauty/stud didn’t get the call — hold those nominations for next year.






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