A Gary of Our Own

Local Gary Louris must likely get mobbed after shows in Spain, where he spends a good deal of time. I mean, the city of Bilbao gets a full Jayhawks show on September 6 – a Saturday headlining slot, closing out the Azkena Rock Festival.

Here in the twin towns, Gary Louris walks among us largely unnoticed, grabbing groceries, watching baseball indoors – generally fulfilling the role of husband and father. Here, we get a Monday solo acoustic performance at a 700-seat theater. And even with the help of opener Haley Bonar, he may not fill the place.

On his intermittently but recently updated blog, Louris sends out a special request: "Please tell your friends about my upcoming shows… we need to expand the audience with your help."

I’m conflicted. As a devoted Lourisite, it’s tear-worthy that he should have to pimp his own local show after establishing a worldwide reputation. But selfishly, I’m giddy. I know from repeated exposure that Gary Louris never disappoints his disciples, or casual fans for that matter. In a solo setting, which does indeed promise unnamed guest stars, we the faithful can relish every melody and lyric in its purest form.

Let those who aren’t in on the secret go about their Monday evenings, eagerly awaiting the fall TV season. But if you’re lucky enough to be privy, for god’s sake, get your tickets now. Don’t make the man blog down your door.

Gary Louris, with special guest Haley Bonar; Monday, Aug. 25, 7:30pm; Guthrie Theater, McGuire Proscenium Stage *tickets still available*