God and Man in Edina.

ABOVE: This is how I prefer to see a Land Rover. Don’t believe that stuff about their ladder frames. Even the bodies break.

NOTE: I have been receiving personal e-mails related to my recent Edina Mom post. What I find most enlightening about this gentleman’s well-crafted commentary is that God in Edina, it appears, remains in the automotive details. 

"As both a proud Edina resident and Land Rover owner I am fuming – FUMING – at your recent blog entry. In fact, I’m cancelling my subscription to The Rake today.

How dare you besmirch my fine city, and my fine vehicle of choice?

And let me just be bold and speak for Signe (herself an Edina native) and ask yet another question: what better language for an immersion school than French?

Hey, someday – someday – if Edina keeps educating its children, and if France keeps supporting wars in Africa to bolster former French colonies and wreak genocide on former British colonies in an attempt to keep more French-speakers alive, I have no doubt that more than 50,000 people worldwide will still be speaking French.

And everyone in Edina will be able to tip his or her beret proudly and say that we were a part of making that happen.

And, good sir, what better vehicle for an Edina church to model its camps after?

In many ways, Land Rover is just like many Edina residents – expensive, beautiful to look at, and amazing (on the rare occasions) when they are functional.

And when they break down? Well, who doesn’t need something else to complain about?

Look, if you drove a Toyota*, you’d never get to sit in the posh Land Rover service waiting area on beautiful but uncomfortable square leather couches while talking on your Bluetooth headset connected to your Blackberry while watching Fox News on the hi-def flatscreen, drinking Caribou and eating fresh pastries, while looking at (but never make conversation with) your fellow Edina residents, who are also there doing the exact same thing."

*ed: Doesn’t Toyota manufacture the Prius?






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