Local Rockstars Come Together to Benefit Barack Obama!


8 is Enough: Benefit for Barack

An all-star local lineup shows its political colors tonight at
the Turf Club by throwing one hell of a party – all to benefit presidential candidate Barack Obama! A mere
$20 gets you into one of the hottest shows of the summer featuring Tape
n’ Tape (Josh Grier and Jeremy Hansen of Tapes n’ Tapes), Kill the
Vultures, Dosh, Low, POS, STNNNG, and Skoal Kodiak. Your moola goes to
benefit Mr. Obama’s campaign, so come rock out for a good cause (if that’s your political leaning) or rock out and vote for McCain. Either way, tonight promises to be a good show. Make
it a date with a spicy bite at Midway hidden gem, Fasika, just a few blocks north of University on Snelling, to indulge in a heaping helping of traditional Ethiopian food.

8pm, Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul, $20

Gnarls Barkley

I think we can safely say that Danger Mouse was one of the first producers to really bring the art of the pure mashup into the mainstream public’s eye with The Grey Album, a brilliant mashup of Jay Z’s Black Album and The Beatles’ White Album. While putting the nerdy world
of cut n’ paste and sound collage on the map is far from his only
accomplishment (although it’s my favorite), the producer behind Gnarls
Barkley shines with rapper and vocalist Cee-Lo Green, and the duo has two
Grammys under its belt to prove it. So, after eating too many cheese
curds and taking a spin on the Ye Old Mill, hit up the Grandstand
tonight for an energetic and rousing performance by Gnarls Barkley along with
super-hot openers Cloud Cult.

7pm, The Grandstand, State Fair Grounds, Saint Paul, $31

Classic State Fairing with Kathryn Savage

I’ve been talking up the State Fair so much, that finally introducing
The Glory to my California born-and-bred husband had me equal parts
excited and panicked. Would we cover enough ground? Would he get it?
Would he love it? Or, as an outsider, would the combined charm of humid
air, animal feces, and mini-donut batter be lost on him? Since it would
be his first time, I decided to devote our attention to classic state fairing. The best of the best. This is how we did. – Kathryn Savage

Click HERE to read Kathryn’s latest installment in her hilarious State Fair Saga!

Fair Hours 6am-Midnight, State Fair Grounds, Saint Paul, $11






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