Sawatdee and Hare Krishna

Sharon Mollerus/Creative Commons


To commemorate the lives lost in
last year’s bridge collapse, Supenn Harrison, owner of the Sawatdee
restaurants, has invited all of Minnesota’s Buddhist monks to participate in a
commemorative service and alms
offering in the parking lot of
Sawatdee Bar & Café, 118 N. 4th St., Minneapolis next Saturday,
August 16. The ceremony will be followed by a food offering and lunch, and the public is invited to attend.

No donation is required, but Supenn says people are encouraged to bring gifts of dry foods, fresh
fruit, or cash for the monks – you can give individual gifts to each
monk, or make a donation to one or more of the temples that will be
represented. Supenn expects 30-50 monks to participate, representing as many as
four Laotian Buddhist temples, three Thai temples, and one each serving
communities from Cambodia, Sri Lanka and possibly Vietnam.

Lunch is at 11 a.m. – people are welcome to bring food to
share, but Supenn says she will also provide plenty of food from the Café. The
press release notes that the one can gain the "fruits
of merit by offering meals to monks: one will have the five ennobling virtues; longevity, good
complexion, happiness, strength and sagacity."

Here’s the schedule of events:

10:00 am: Requesting the Five Precepts and Sangkadana Offering

10:15 am: Buddhajayamangala chanting (The Buddha’s
Auspicious Victories) by the monks

10:30 am: Alms offering to the Monks

11:00 am: Food offering & Lunch for all

12:15 pm: Blessing by the Monks


The young woman fronting the little band of Hare Krishna
chanters outside the Wedge Co-op handed me a flyer for "Dharma," a show on
Wednesday, August 20, 7 pm at the
University of Minnesota’s Coffman Memorial Theater. The show, presented by
Krishna Culture Tour, is billed as "blissful entertainment from the Krishna
culture of India, performed by an international cast." But it was the food
angle that caught my eye – the website for the event says that "at the end of the show, guests are served delicious vegetarian
refreshments of savories, sweets and nectar drink in the lobby, created by
gourmet Hare Krishna chefs. The food is prepared with love and is served as a
complimentary gift to all who attend." Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for
seniors, students and children. For more details, go to






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