The Fairest of them All

The Rake‘s own local Olympian. A true athlete dedicated to her calling. A hometown hero back at it again. Special oh-so-brave correspondent Kathryn Savage will be making her rounds at the Minnesota State Fair. Graciously offering to spend more man-hours in attendance than you’d ever want to, our gal-on-the-scene is primed to try just about anything.

Hotdish on a stick, whatever. Porcupine wild rice meatballs? We can do better than that. This year’s fair offerings include plum wine ice cream and chocolate covered bacon. Now things are getting interesting.

Propose your wildest fair desires to Kathryn in the comment section at the bottom of this page. She’ll not only take your suggestions, but she’ll carry them out with a level of enthusiasm never before seen in these here parts. Kathryn is a born and bred Minnesotan who most recently spent an extended spell in New York. That East Coast feistiness has not yet worn off and she’s ready to ruffle some passive-aggressive Midwestern feathers.

In her own words: "’I’ll happily eat alligator and chug tequila with carnies if it makes readers happy." What more could we ask for?

Kathryn Savage has been a coat check girl, a teacher, a film critic and
a ghost writer. She was once Kate Winslet’s lip double in Polyphonic
Spree music video. She is a freelance writer and a regular contributor
to Minneapolis Picks. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and her
pit bull.






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