Roadkill Bikinis

Above: I found a roadkill fashion site. Lovely.

My post on the abuse of automotive icons at church camps has turned up the most amazing things.

I was informed (by a source who will remain annoymous) that church camps have the strangest of hazing rites (and here you think writing about cars leads to nothing more than a surge of testosterone).

Above: Boots, not a bikini, but you get the idea. The fur is dyed. Killer.

For example, one unamed former camper/counselor informed me that at a camp deep in the woods of some unamed forest (let’s say it’s out East to protect the innocent and avoid the wrath of PETA) that the very apogee of leadership at this said camp invovled winning the "Yuck, Yuck, Up Chuck" award for most disgusting costume.

Apparently this invovled making bikinis from any manner of dipsoable hygeine products and, for a pure sartorial flouish, the skins of freshly killed animals (I don not believe this invovled sacrifice).

How funny is that?

While a small coeterie of depraved artists in the world’s fashion capitals conjure up the most revolting ideas (child exploitation, sex with statues, heroin for lunch) a few kids at church camp have out-done them.

Under the guise of God.

Old Testament style.






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