Letting Go Of The Hate

I used to think hating Diablo Cody was only a regional pasttime. This is, after all, an area lousy with writers who have not written Writers Guild of America award-winning screenplays or gotten incredibly rich and famous or appeared on David Letterman. And sometimes, when the wind is blowing in the right direction, I swear […]

Yo Ivanhoe Goes to the Movies!

Believe me, I fully recognize that a guy pretty much has to be a moron and a glutton for punishment to criticize Diablo Cody at this point. Either that or he has to be a very, very brave man, a man with the stones of Anton Chigurh. I’ll plead absolutely guilty on the first counts. […]

Objection to Juno Review

Nasty, nasty, nasty. Rob Nelson’s review of Diablo Cody’s new movie Knocked Up [editor’s note: I believe the writer is referrring to Juno] really stinks. Would that we all would have a past that would bear scrutiny. His snide harping about Cody’s stripper past just goes to show that white male priviledge and the double […]